Meta Moto provides strategy for corporates large and small, transport infrastructure, energy, water, gas, pipeline, local, state and central government, and not-for- profits.

Clients engage Meta Moto to help them solidify their position in the marketplace, expand internationally and/or diversify, protect against regulatory/technology changes and competitor moves, and develop a vision of the future of their industry.

We also work for private equity firms to help them develop, monitor, and validate their investment strategy. Our engagements with clients are multi-perspective and include:

People/Organisation, where we consider the human side of Information Management, looking at how people are measured, motivated and supported in related activities.

Policy, where we consider the message to staff from leadership.

Process and Practice, where we consider the adoption of standardised approaches to Information Management.

Platform Technology, which covers the review and defining of systems of record, engagement, insight, knowledge, and data provisioning (including IoT) and enabling eco-systems.